Theatre drapes, stage curtains and fire safety in performance venues

stage drapes
Stage curtains and theatre drapes are regularly made for fire resistant or heat proof textures like fleece or innately fire impeded polyester.

In Australia, theater and stage curtains that will be utilized as a part of open territories like theater, show lobbies or in schools must finish stringent fire wellbeing tests and be confirmed to agree to Australian Standards 1530 sections 2 and 3.

When arranging the establishment of theatre curtains and stage drapes in your scene, you ought to just counsel with experienced installers who have done numerous comparable ventures.

In the event that your stage curtains are not naturally fire hindered (IFR) implying that the strands of the texture itself won’t consume under ordinary conditions, you should ensure that your drapes are treated with some kind of fire resistant (FR).

Wool¬†serge theatre¬†fabric is regularly utilized for stage drapes and theater curtains. This material is actually and naturally fire impeded, so it won’t consume under ordinary conditions. The texture looks great, as well as it is fantastically hard wearing.

stage drapesVelvet is regularly utilized as a part of stage curtains. In the days of yore, this lovely texture was made solely of cotton and should have been treated with fire resistant chemicals to meet present day fire codes. Be that as it may, late developments if texture innovation have enabled delightful looking stage velvet to be produced using characteristically fire hindered polyester. This texture does not should be treated with fire resistant chemicals.

One essential thing to remember is that any texture that is treated with chemicals must not be washed or else the fire retardant chemicals will be evacuated. For the situation such stage curtains are washed or in the event that they just get wet, you ought to want to have them withdrawn with the vital fire resistant chemicals keeping in mind the end goal to meet the neighborhood Australian fire codes.